Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Thing I Dreaded Most -Happened...Well, Almost...

I was hanging out at my brother's house last Friday eve.  It was time to head home, so I picked up my stuff and was heading out the door.  All of a sudden I was on the ground.  I had missed the step and fell. My sewing box went flying(thankfully it was locked shut). I was in shock at first, then just in pain.  I knew my wrist was hurting too. All I could think about- being the avid sewer....was," OH NO!.....I broke my sewing hand."  I went to the ER in the morning still worrying because it hurt so much....and my hand was swollen. Thank goodness after about 8 x rays there were no broken bones. YAY...but I did sprain the wrist.  So I am still healing. Hopefully it will heal quickly.  I am able to do some things with my hand, as long as it doesn't require any pulling or lifting.  Sewing is still slow.  So is cutting. But I was able to finish up my last order...just took a little longer. I am nervous to start my next one due to the fact that there is LOTS of cutting. UGH!  My hand is starting to hurt from all this typing now! 
I am going to log off for now...give my hand a break! Thanks everyone for listening to me whine. I am doing my best to keep at my work.  I will bring what I can with me on our weekend trip and see how it goes. Thanks everyone for your kind patience.  I really do love what I do and want to get back at it as quickly as I can. Don't forget to check out all my new stuff(leftovers from my craft fair) in my Etsy store! The Etsy button is up top.^^^


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