Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I was reading a blog post the other day that 

really encouraged us to use the 3 Rs (Reduce, 

Reuse, and Recycle) in our scrapbooking! This  

is the very reason I started making my

appliques the way I do! I was looking for 

some fabric flowers online and just decided to 

make my own! I am so glad to see that it is 

starting to take off!

When making my appliques I do my best to 

use fabric scraps or any fabric that may be

heading for the landfills. Like right 

now...all of my Skulls and Crossbone appliques are being 

made with my old bedskirt. It had been on my bed forever 

and had been getting tears in it from getting stepped on. So I 

finally pulled it out and realized the part you never see is all

white!! I washed that baby up and have been cutting from it 

ever since! I also use old denim jeans that people give me! I

always tell people to give me their old jeans..."Don't throw

them away! I will use them!" Another great source I have

found is other people who sew. They have scraps- I will buy 

them! I would rather pay someone for a huge bag of scraps 

than have to buy new fabric at the stores. Some have just 

been so happy to get rid of them, I just pay for shipping! 

I also want to encourage you to use fabric in your 

scrapbooking! I just love the look of fabric on 

a card or a scrapbook layout! It just adds a 

special handmade "something"...And if you 

aren't much of a sewer, be sure that 

when you buy a HollyCraft applique, I am 

doing my best to help the environment!

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