Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spotlight on:

The Fine Lime

I know there are lots of you that are yarn lovers out there so I wanted to share this yummy shop with you this week!

And here is the link to her Etsy sho

This excerpt was taken from her about page!

What's so Fine about this Lime?

The Fine Lime is the result of Mo's crafty ways and her mom's fantastic know how. Mo was a hooker here on Etsy (MoandOzzy) and found herself attracted to the gorgeous, unique handspuns and growing tired of cheap acrylics. Mo's mother, D.Ann, a spinner since 1984, offered to teach Mo her ways and bring her a spinning wheel.
Because Mo had learned to treadle and draft as a child, putting the two together just took a little practice, and she's been spinning daily since!
TheFineLime is a happy little yarn shop with a modern, clean vibe. We only sell real, HANDSPUN yarn spun by Mo or her mom, D.Ann. We specialize in fantastic color, bites of imaginative prose, and spinning styles our customers love!
Current favorite things at The Fine Lime include merino, thick and thin yarn, patriotic colors, and worsted weight singles.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Latest Creations

I have been so busy trying to keep up with my orders that my blog has been left on the back burner I am afraid. I am really sorry about that! Here in West Michigan it has been unseasonably warm so we have been trying to stay cool! What better way than to head to the is always at least 10 degrees cooler out there!

Since my last blog, I have been crazy busy so I will add the photos of my creations for you! Enjoy! As always custom orders are welcome! Just message me. Thanks.

Lots and lots of owls!!





I also did lots of vehicles...mostly tractors!


And lots of other custom orders:

And a few things for my Etsy shop: