Friday, June 18, 2010

I have been debating on whether or not to put my little creations in a strictly local artist/crafter store that is opening up about 45 min. away in a little touristy town.  They want $30 a month for a spot in the store. Another thing I was wondering about is trying to do an arts/crafts fair.   
I think I have finally decided after talking with my husband and some other friends and family that I am going to pretty much stick to Etsy.

~I just really like the fact that I can keep my shop online stocked with however much I want.
~I can have as much or as little as I want.
~It is always open. 
~People can easily contact me with any custom orders.
~I don't have to pay a monthly fee.  

Probably a ton of other positives too...So just know that if you want to get something from can get it at my Etsy shop!  Probably no place else!  :) 

I have been working on several new appliques...have a look!

Let me know what you think! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

750 turned to an 800 Fan Celebration Giveaway!

Thank you to all my fans! I am very grateful for all this support! To show my appreciation I would like to hold another giveaway!
To be entered in the Fan Celebration drawing,to be done tomorrow morning, in your comment, you have to guess a number from 1 to 800. will choose the random number & the person who came closest will win one of my new monkey appliques! Winner can choose either a boy or a girl. Thanks again! Enter only once!

Monday, June 14, 2010

HollyCraft Originals

Time to start sewing again!  This past weekend was great...I sold many of my items in my Etsy Shop.  Now I am looking forward to creating some new things...I have had many ideas "thrown" at me that I want to start...this should be fun.  I am also getting very close to my next goal of 750 fans on Facebook!  YaY!! So keep your eyes peeled for another giveaway! Can't wait!  Here are some of the latest items I have made:

Thanks everyone!  Happy Crafting!

Monday, June 7, 2010

A New Week!

My husband has been working 2nd shift the last two weeks.  Let me just say I now have empathy for all the families who deal with this shift.  I really hate it.  Especially the 10 hr. shift.  He goes in at 3:40PM  and is there until 2AM.  He gets home, stays up for about an hour and a half, then gets up at 11:30AM or later sometimes.  So he sees our son pretty much never all week.  What a drag. Not to mention the fact that I am taking care of the kids all day long and then the only time I have time to do anything for HollyCraft is after the kids go to bed so I am up all night I am getting half the sleep and doing twice the work that I do when he is on 1st shift! Thankfully he is almost done...he only has to do it this one week more and then back to 1st.
I have been doing lots of creating this past week.  Here are the new shirts I did custom for a fellow Michigander!
I think they turned out really cute...this was my first time attaching my appliques myself and selling them that way.  Usually I just sell the applique and you do what you want with them! If you see something you like that I have I can do it for you...just convo me at my Etsy shop ~   I have more of the black and brown t-shirts in 2T and 3T. I also have some girl's sizes if you are interested.
I also have been working on some new appliques...I
made a lion~

I also tried a tiger, but I think it is also just a cute little cat.  Someone told me they look a little angry, so next time I will make them with more of a smile.
I also tried my hand at some airplanes:
I have some other requests for appliques, so if you can think of something you would like to see me try to do, comment below and let me know...I will try my hand at it!