Thursday, July 15, 2010

So Much So Much!

I have been busy busy these past couple weeks.  Finally got my stuff all set up at Tamaras Boutique in Montague, MI.  That was a major thing for me, because I really didn't know what I was doing!  But at least that is done.  This is a picture of what my setup kind of looks like at the store.  Of course my shirts, cards and other contents are finished but you get the idea!  :)  

Just wanted to let you know that from now on I 

will put pictures of my appliques up on Facebook, some even before they are finished, a few days before I put them on Etsy. If you are interested in any of them, be sure to comment on the picture or my page to arrange for purchasing the applique(s). This way I will be able to start the ones that you want first and we can also set up a custom listing and save you $.

I am also running a few specials for my Facebook fans right now.  If you would be interested in any of them PLEASE check out my Facebook Fan Page

I am selling a couple of my cards at a very low price and free shipping!  Also a very special deal on all of the headbands in my Etsy Shop. But you have to be a fan to get the code! :)

Thanks everyone and happy crafting!

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