Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whatever Wednesday~Snow

Well, today I am going to talk about snow because it seems to have finally come to our neck of the woods.  We were having a very easy winter until the past couple days.

We have already had our my book! This picnic table shows quite a bit, but the wind was so crazy yesterday that it really isn't telling the whole truth.  The kids are happy, but not the parents. It just means more work for us...back to winter reality...Haha! Time to go clean off the van I guess!

Hope you are having a nice winter...when is spring again??


  1. Holly, your pictures are exactly what I was wishing for... but instead, we got lots and lots of rain. Enjoy your snowy winter days and build a snow family! :)

    1. Yes...actually we already have been out sledding in it...just waiting for the perfect temp so we can get a snowman made!! :D