Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Custom Orders Are Always Welcome at HollyCraft...Just Ask!

I thought I would post this tonight to let everyone know that I will do custom orders to the best of my ability...Just ask...:)  My next big order just came in for a 15 inch tree...this will be my biggest yet...I will start work on it first thing tomorrow.  Should be fun...It is 3x the normal size of my tree appliques. 
My brother is leaving his little guy with our Mom tomorrow so I have a full day to work on my stuff for HollyCraft on Etsy.  I will be posting lots of new appliques!  I will be able to get lots done with the kids at Grandma's!
I also just found out I will be featured on Our Knickknacks  in their featured fan segment next week Tuesday and then Friday! Hopefully this will bring in some extra exposure! It is an easy sign up...go check it out.
Also if you haven't already seen this on my Facebook page.... if you would like some free advertising...go to this site...Foundhandmade they are giving everyone free blocks...simple to do. 
I have used their site  before and I did get some extra traffic from it. I will post photos of my new items on here as soon as I can...Happy crafting, everyone!

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