Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In the process of making all my invitations for a custom order. I am doing 22 of them. 24 in case of mistakes. It is taking me awhile with all the details. I had to thread all my buttons. There were 96! I had to cut out 96 fabric leaves, 24 branches, 96 small wings for my owls, 48 owls, 24 background papers, 24 cards. Then I had to glue everything down...I'm still in the middle of doing this. So far so good!

It has been the worst week for mailing with the USPS I have had since I started HollyCraft...one package lost in the mail and one package with a damaged product...bummer. So now I have to redo one order, then mail it out again and pray it gets there this time...and then with the damaged item I decided to mail the customer a new button with some of my thread so she could do some first aid repair. Poor little owl had only one eye when she received him...the other had broke right down the middle...

Wow it is taking awhile to get 600 fans...was at 599 then went down to 597, now back at 599...we will have that contest soon...:) Happy Crafting everyone!


  1. I love your little owls, and flowers, and dinosaurs, and all of it! Your shop is one of my new faves! Best wishes to you!! Look forward to ordering from you again very soon!

  2. I Made It!!!

    The cards are adorable. I sell on etsy as well and have yet to have a problem with USPS but I know my day will come. Hope she is able to do the First aid on the little Owl. So Cute.


  3. Wow, this is wonderful I love it, happy to have found you!

  4. Oh dear that really sucks about USPS. I'm on Etsy also and I'm knocking on wood now because I've only had 1 lost package.

    That invitation is just darling and I am in love with those owls.

    I know it's a lot of work. I provide flower hairclips wholesale to a couple of small business. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

  5. I love your owls - very cute! I've become a follower of your blog so I can continue to see more.

    Thanks for popping by our blog and leaving such encouraging comments. We'd love it if you came by again. We're participating in a few other link parties this week, check it out if you get a chance!