Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Graduation Season...

The EtsyGreetings sale is tomorrow, so I figured I had better make a few new cards.  I decided because graduations are going to begin soon I would do some of my owls with a little graduation cap on!  I think they turned out cute if I can say so myself! :)  I have made them customizable.  You can change the color of the cap to fit your school if you like...or just take it as is.  I can also change them to fit boy or girl by adding flowers or taking them away.  Whatever you like.

 As you can see by my picture added, I also ended up getting a new camera.  It was on clearance at I decided I would get it for a back up...who knows when my other camera will be fixed!   I also finished the baby shower invitations and sent those out yesterday!  I hope they get to the customer safe and sound!!  

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